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Cheer on the Cheap - JMJ
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Cheer on The Cheap

We are in an interesting predicament right now that is keeping me from FULLY celebrating the holidays – and it’s absolutely killing me. We are ALMOST (fingers crossed) closing on a house, and out of our apartment before Christmas, and targeted to start moving…

Thanksgiving Tablescape Inspo JMJ
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Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

I can’t EXACTLY remember when it started, but I have been on the hook for the Thanksgiving tablescape design since before I can remember. And I take it VERY seriously. And we aren’t talking some 5-6 person table, we are talking one long 20…

Interior Style

10 Best Fall Porches

I’m willing Fall into existence in Florida over here, turning down my air in my apartment so I can wear a sweater, lighting my pumpkin waffle candle daily, and fixing up all of the fall foods I can think of in hopes that maybe…

Interior Style

A New Passion Project & Interior Inspo

I’m pretty positive that if I didn’t have much discipline and didn’t need sleep, I’d have about 34893687 passion projects. There are so many things that I enjoy and feel passions for, obviously health and happiness being at the top of the list, and…

Bar Cart Styling JMJ
Interior Style

Bar Cart Styling

  Our first foray into interiors together… with one of my favorite spots in our home, the bar cart. Before I got my bar cart, I had wanted one for years. I had a few fun cocktail pieces at the time but they were…