Three Tips Red Lips JMJ
Beauty Style

Three Tips: Red Lips

The perfect red lip. Alright, I’m not going to say I’ve captured it here but I’ve done it before. Like, a lot. I LOVE a good red lip. Whether is for a fancy night out, holiday party, unexpected pop with an otherwise casual look…..…

Fall Sweaters JMJ
Fashion Style

Fall Favorite: Sweaters

  It got down into the 70’s in Florida this week, mostly because of the rain, but by golly miss Molly it got me excited about fall…… and sweaters. So I’ve rounded up my favorites under $100 so you can get all cozy and…

Healthy Trail Mix JMJ
Food Wellness

A Salty & Semi-Sweet Treat

When hurricane Irma was messing up our lives a few weeks ago, my husband and I loaded up on some non-perishables that we wouldn’t normally purchase, in bigger quantities than we’d normally have. Like pretzels. And lots of nuts. And while we did our…

Fall Shoe Favorites JMJ
Fashion Style

Fall Shoe Favorites

Florida has still not gotten the memo that it’s fall, and though I’ve lived here all my life I’m officially already annoyed. I mean layering, coats, sweaters and tights?! Fall shoes?! Let’s talk. Fall shoes are GOOD. So. Good. So I’m breaking down all…

Vodka Pasta JMJ
Food Wellness

Vodka Pasta

Last week kicked my booty. Between the grind of the project at work, evening work events, trying to get ahead on some blog work, other life nonsense…AND THEN on Thursday while traveling between work sites my car decided to have a bit of a…

Fashion Style

Date Night In My PJ’s

Am I taking this pj top trend too far?! If this is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.   When I got out of the car to shoot this outfit (because, yes, when we go to shoot I have to change in…

Five Fall Trends JMJ
Fashion Style

5 Fall Trends

Fun fact about me? I’ve never actually had a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Despite that, I am a MAJOR fan of fall, and you better believe after trying to hold out as long as possible and deciding to renew our lease at our apartment for…

BBQ Jackfruit Sammy JMJ
Food Wellness

BBQ Jackfruit

Are you ready for another installment of a Meatless Monday?! I’m honestly surprising myself at this point with my ability to make meatless recipes, but it just goes to show you – it’s not THAT hard and is still totally YUM. This week we…