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The Gift Guide For Your Man Crush Monday

Man Crush Monday Gift Guide JMJ

If you saw my Instagram post yesterday, you’ll see I’ve got a lot of really wonderful (and funny/ridiculous) men in my life and Christmas is a great time for me to spoil them as much as they seem to spoil me all year long. So today I’m bringing you the gift guide for your man, or any man, in your life including the one who was everything….. because sometimes under wear and socks just won’t cut it (though let’s be honest I’ll be included my recs on those too).

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If your guy is anything like mine, he rarely buys himself ANYTHING, not even the basics, so Christmas is a great time to restock him on all the goods and set him up with the basics. My hubs is OBSESSED with Tommy Johns and basically refuses to wear anything else. Sign up for a discount or follow their account to catch a sale since they are definitely a splurge per pair but certainly worth it. A few pairs of fun dress socks from Happy Socks are another great stocking stuffer that will up his sock game, which in the world of dress clothes where you have to dress mostly conservative, sock games are a serious game changer.



The hubs had subtly mentioned that wireless headphones would be “cool” maybe as a gift this year. Then he kept visiting Best Buy to “figure out which pair was coolest”. Then he got them for his birthday. And now his life is changed. And I’ve put them on my Christmas list bc #jealous. Wireless headphones free you up from the cord to your devices making working out, multi-tasking, and if you’re my husband, washing dishes and watching a show on his iPad ten times easier. WIN-WIN.



Anyone?! ANYONE?! (From the Grinch ya Grinch). I subscribed the hubs to the Dollar Shave Club for Christmas one year and its been the gift that keeps on giving ever since. Not only does it automate a necessary purchase, they also offer samples of their other mens grooming products (all awesome) which you can also add the full sizes of in your subscription box at any time (another great source for stocking stuffers). And it’s a REALLY great price. Like really. Your guy committed to another shave situation? There are a TON of other subscription services geared towards men and all of their interests, look up one that would work best for your beau.



It’s about time your man stepped up his style with this travel game. We’ve been fans of Herschel stuff for years and they have some of the best travel gear that is both stylish and functional. I think a grown man needs a solid travel set, so over the years I’ve gotten the husband a Dopp kit, backpack, and a travel duffel all that have held up and made him look way more put together than he normally is. This year we got their luggage and we are MAJOR fans because they are a great price point, solid look, hard cased, and have all the fixings of a great piece of luggage.



If your guy is a tech buff, the world of connected tech is absolutely where it’s at right now. Whether you’re looking into the Amazon Echo (which this household is a major fan of), Google home, or even the hubs that will connect all your smart devices together, there are a ton of options to make your household smarter (and more efficient) than ever before.




Have some other great ideas for guy gifts this year? Comment below!





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