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Partner Workout JMJ
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Partner Workout

A few Valentine’s Days ago, I decided to surprise my then boyfriend, now husband, with an early morning partner workout session as a way to kick off a romantic Valentine’s Day. One of the cutest trainers I know, Julie Booher, showed up to kick…

Arms & Abs JMJ
Fitness Wellness

Monday Motivation: Arms & Abs

I know, Monday’s can be the worst. So I’m here today to bring a little Monday Motivation and extra encouragement for you to kick today’s ass (sorry I really couldn’t substitute – it’s Monday), and start your week off right. How do we do…

Father's Day Gift Guide JMJ
Fashion Fitness Style Wellness

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide

Gawd, how do these parental holidays keep sneaking up on us?! Here I am, trying to enjoy my summer and shit. I forgot about Father’s day. Is this you? Ok, ok. Let’s not admit you forgot it, again. Let’s just say you STILL hadn’t…

Mental Health Tips JMJ
Fitness Wellness

Tips for Maintaining a Better Mental Health

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month (before I told you on Instagram)? As someone who’s passion for this blog is built upon taking ya’ll on my “never-ending pursuit of health and happiness” it felt irresponsible to not talk about mental…

Mothers Day Gift Guide
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Last Minute – Mother’s Day

You didn’t FORGET Mother’s Day. It’s not actually your fault. That could NEVER have happened. But did it? I get it, you see it coming from a mile away, plan to plan it, and then……Mother’s Day Weekend is THIS weekend?! Girlfrans, boyfrans… I got…

Leg Day Just Met Jess
Fitness Wellness

Leg Day 1

We all have THAT picture right? That picture where we were in the best shape of our lives and we look back and say, “dang, I was fit, why didn’t I appreciate it while I was there?”. If you don’t have that picture, I’m sure…