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Healthy Chili JMJ
Food Wellness

Fall Favorite – Healthy Chili

Is there anything better than a crisp fall day and a big bowl of yummy chili with a little bit of a kick? Well I unfortunately can’t do much in the ways of the 80 degree weather Florida insists on posting but I CAN…

Healthier Nachos JMJ
Food Wellness

Football Favs: Healthier Nachos

Fall means lots of different things. Cooler weather, pumpkin everything, and….football on the tv nonstop in my household. And what is the fun part of football for ME? All the fun football foods I can dream up making for the games.…

Healthy Trail Mix JMJ
Food Wellness

A Salty & Semi-Sweet Treat

When hurricane Irma was messing up our lives a few weeks ago, my husband and I loaded up on some non-perishables that we wouldn’t normally purchase, in bigger quantities than we’d normally have. Like pretzels. And lots of nuts. And while we did our…

Vodka Pasta JMJ
Food Wellness

Vodka Pasta

Last week kicked my booty. Between the grind of the project at work, evening work events, trying to get ahead on some blog work, other life nonsense…AND THEN on Thursday while traveling between work sites my car decided to have a bit of a…

BBQ Jackfruit Sammy JMJ
Food Wellness

BBQ Jackfruit

Are you ready for another installment of a Meatless Monday?! I’m honestly surprising myself at this point with my ability to make meatless recipes, but it just goes to show you – it’s not THAT hard and is still totally YUM. This week we…

5 Ways To Find Balance JMJ
Fashion Style Wellness

5 Ways To Find Your Balance

Anyone else struggle with balancing out your life? Feeling like your to-do list is never ending, you’re always hustling, and there are NEVER enough hours in the day? The struggle is real and some days balance feels more elusive than ever. But the truth…

Partner Workout JMJ
Fitness Wellness

Partner Workout

A few Valentine’s Days ago, I decided to surprise my then boyfriend, now husband, with an early morning partner workout session as a way to kick off a romantic Valentine’s Day. One of the cutest trainers I know, Julie Booher, showed up to kick…

Chicken Lettuce Wraps JMJ
Food Wellness

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Quick, healthy, weeknight meals are starting to be my THING. With limited time at night and a desire to eat healthy (two things that normally don’t go together) I’ve really made it my mission to figure out some great and easy meals to add…