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A Few of My Favorite Things: Beauty

The people responded – and I stayed up late just to pump out my first “Few of my favorite things” (cue the sound of music soundtrack playing in your head).  I’m sharing a series of some of my favorite products in my life that…

Three Tips Red Lips JMJ
Beauty Style

Three Tips: Red Lips

The perfect red lip. Alright, I’m not going to say I’ve captured it here but I’ve done it before. Like, a lot. I LOVE a good red lip. Whether is for a fancy night out, holiday party, unexpected pop with an otherwise casual look…..…

Teeth Whitening JMJ
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My Teeth Whitening Hack

Happy Friday my loves. I hope you had a stellar week that made you smile. Lots. But if it didn’t, smile anyways because like we talked about last week, that ish will help reduce stress and we all need more of THAT in our…

Beach Beauty Essentials JMJ
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Beach Beauty Necessities

For those of you who aren’t so lucky to live in Florida, let me break the summer beach beauty conditions down for you.   HUMIDITY ON YOUR HAIR LIKE WOAH. + SUN AND HEAT CONSTANTLY THREATENING YOUR SKIN/HAIR/LIFE. + CHLORINE FROM THE POOLS YOU…

Mothers Day Gift Guide
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Last Minute – Mother’s Day

You didn’t FORGET Mother’s Day. It’s not actually your fault. That could NEVER have happened. But did it? I get it, you see it coming from a mile away, plan to plan it, and then……Mother’s Day Weekend is THIS weekend?! Girlfrans, boyfrans… I got…